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Advanced Candy Crafting Kits
are perfect for older crafters that want to do a more complex craft
and are able to safely use a glue gun (we recommend ages 8+)
Kits include a ring pop, candy necklace and 1 complex candy craft.


Create your own candy party! 
Add on a Custom Gumball Necklace for the guest of honor and Goodie Boxes for all of your guests.

Craft Options:

  • Wreath (Circle & Heart)

  • Letter/Initial

  • Ball w/Ribbon

  • 8x10 Tootsie Roll Art 

  • Tree w/Topper

  • Choose either Rainbow Gumballs, Gummy Bears or Candy Variety  Candy Variety comes with a variety of candy in up to 3 colors of your choice.  Individual candies will vary depending on season and availability.

  • Glue Guns Required for Craft  We have glue guns and glue for purchase if you don't already have one, to add on to your kit. We recommend Advanced Candy Crafting Kits for Ages 8+.

  • Create a Party - Add On Treats  Turn your crafting time into a party by adding on custom candy treats for your crafters!  Custom Gumball Necklaces can be made in a variety of colors and styles to match your party theme.  Goodie Boxes can also be customized to your tastes and color scheme.  




Below are samples of some of the creations made at Candy Mache.

Candies available may vary depending on season, craft choice.


Craft Options

Add-On Treats

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